How much are Whale Watching Tour prices?

$40 CHILDREN (under 14) 
$180 FAMILY (2+2) 
$540 ENTIRE BOAT (12 passengers)



Where do the Whale Watching tours depart ?

If you are considering Whale Watching while visiting Noosa this 2021 whale watching season, our tours depart daily from The Boathouse Marina at Noosaville. Join us for a fun, informative whale watching tour. Tours operate 7 days a week during the season from August through to November.



What is the season for Whale Watching ?

Noosa Whale Watching is best from August to November each year. Whales migrate along the sunshine coast passed Noosa and on to the Fraser Coast which is a playground for this annual natural event. Sightings can be witnessed daily with pods of humpback whales regularly seen swimming and frolicking while they relax on their long migration journey. 



Which time of day is best for Whale Watching ?

You can expect to see Whales at anytime of the day. There really is no "best time" becasue anytime of day is the best time to watch whales! If you are looking for the best time of day for photography, we recommend 11 am - 3 pm, for beautiful blue waters and great overhead light (good weather permitting of course).



Where can you see Whales in Noosa ?

Enjoy viewing these magnificent creatures up close and personal with one of Noosa's longest running ocean tour operators. Our Noosa Whale Watching Cruise ventures through the noosa river bar crossing and into the open waters off the coastline of Noosa National Park.



What is spy-hopping and why do Whales do it ?

Spyhopping is a behavior exhibited byall  species of Whales.When Whales spy-hop, they are vertically poking their head out of the water and appear to be taking in a 360 degree view of the activity across the surface of the ocean.



Can you see Killer Whales in Noosa ?

Over 50% of the world's cetaceans are found in Australian waters. Athough most prevalent in the Northern hemisphere the presence of Orcas in Australian waters is widespread. We haven't made any sightings of Orca's on our Whale Watching tours in Noosa however they are well known for their elusive behaviour.



Can Whale Watching Save The Whales ?

The Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017 was initiated to protect all marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, whilst allowing people to appreciate them in their natural wild habitats.
"Australians have long recognised the importance of whales, dolphins and porpoises to our unique marine ecosystems. The Australian Government has made whale, dolphin and porpoise conservation a priority and is a world leader in the protection and conservation of these species." Maritime Services Australia.

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We follow strict guidelines on our Whale Watching tours to prevent any harm to Whales and calves and to eliminate any possible interference of their migration along our coastline. Safe practise for tourism operators can save whales from harm and stress.